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When I turned 18, people made a big deal about it. A huge deal. All the eyes of the world were on me. People kept saying, the Onassis dynasty was back, and I was the Queen and I was in control. The only thing I was in control of was a bank account. I was not in control of myself.

I am not an attention seeker. Experience has taught me that if you pose for the cameras and give them what they want, they will leave you alone. Yet, I find I cannot do that sometimes. I see a camera in the distance, and I go on living my life as if it were not there, but I am always aware.

Part of me wonders why they care. Why do they care about me? I am not flashy like my mother and my grandfather. I do not seek the attention.

I do understand it is a part of my life. God has blessed me with this money, even though at times I thought it to have been a curse.

I have been spending my time reading good books and riding. And of course missing Harry, despite the fact we talk on the telephone constantly. I count down the seconds until I can see him again. This is a lot of counting, because I have got no idea when I will see him again.
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